A Crepe Is Not Just a Pancake

A Crepe Is Not Just a Pancake

This monograph distills my investigations and sampling of crepe weaves into a concise 52 pages of text, b&w and color diagrams, weave drafts for 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, and 40 shaft looms (treadle and dobby), and color photographs. It explains thirteen methods for drafting your own crepe weaves, with copious examples. It contains clear color photos of woven samples and finished objects woven by me and others, and an annotated bibliography.

Available as a digital download for $21 USD, via PayPal. If you'd like a copy, please email me at, tell me your preferred email address for PayPal, and I'll send you a Request for Payment; when payment is received, I'll email you a link for downloading the pdf file.

The Liftplan Connection; Designing for Dobby Looms With Photoshop® and Photoshop Elements®

The Liftplan Connection

This 168-page book, soft-cover and spiral bound, black and white text with many diagrams, further explores some of the design techniques first introduced in The Woven Pixel, which I co-authored in 2006 with Bhakti Ziek. The Liftplan Connection (or TLC for short) is not a replacement for The Woven Pixel, but is a standalone book. TLC includes more specific material on Photoshop Elements, as many dobby weavers choose Elements, not Photoshop, as their primary graphics program. TLC also includes material related to the use of network drafting with Photoshop. It includes chapters on creating threadings for graphics-based liftplans, building a weave library, designing liftplans with two or more weave structures, divided weaves, indexing colors and applying weaves, producing a loom-ready file in a format your weaving software and loom driver can understand, masking, overlays, using text in dobby designs, and other techniques usable on multi-shaft looms.

164 pages, black & white, spiral bound. $42 plus shipping and handling.
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Network Drafting: An Introduction

Network Drafting

Network Drafting: An Introduction offers the designer/weaver an entrée into an exciting new world–the weaving of curved designs in many structures on the multishaft loom without jacquard devices, draw harnesses, or other loom modifications. Weavers with looms of eight or more shafts, with or without dobbies, will love this book. Includes 26 cut-and-paste templates for constructing your own lift plans. Think curves and break away from the block.

120 pages, black & white, spiral bound. $42 plus shipping and handling. Order online from


The Woven Pixel

Co-authored with Bhakti Ziek. Everything you need to know about designing woven cloth using Photoshop. This book is intended for weavers, surface designers, graphic artists and others who wish to to have their work produced as woven cloth, whether on hand looms or through industrial production. Accompanying CD contains figures and illustrations in color as well as over 1400 downloadable weave structures and more than thirty full color photographs of actual weavings.

© 2006 Alice Schlein & Bhakti Ziek

362 pages, black & white. The entire book is now available as a free digital download from, minus the accompanying CD. The print version of the book is no longer available. The CD is available for $100. To purchase the CD, please email me at for payment information.

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Table of Contents
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